Esoteric AcupunctureChinese MedicineThe Balance Method

Dr. tan's Balance Method is an effective method for relieving pain and a very precise method of balancing, regulating and strengthening the body's life force of "Qi."  "Qi"  (pronounced "chee") are the essential substances of the human body.  They are the vital currents that maintain the body's key activities and functions of its vital organs and tissues. The Balance Method focuses on specific acupuncture point selection and needle techniques for dispersing the blockage and stagnation of the Qi.

The Balance Method is an minimal-needle, distal-point style of treatment that is effective for the treatment of pain, numbness and virtually all muscular-skeletal disorders. It reduces stress, balances the nervous system, strengthens the overall immune system and increases energy.  It also strengthens the constitution, enhances relaxation and leaves the patient with a sense of well-being.



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The Balance Method